Brace Height Recommendation

For checking the brace height on your Zipper, use the back of the shelf as the reference point. Each bow may be slightly
different. Here are the recommended brace heights.

The brace height for a Standard riser is 7 – 7-1/2″.

For an Extreme riser it is 6″- 6-1/2″.

Brace height for the SXT or S-Hunter is between 6-1/4″ – 6-3/4″.

For a ZSR or Z-Hunter it is 7″ – 7-1/2″

Zipstick it is 6 1/4 –¬†


Z4 limbs

Adjusting brace height

The brace height can be adjusted by twisting or untwisting the string.

To increase brace height leave the string on the top limb, twist the bottom of the string clockwise, 12 twists is usually 1″ .
Restring the bow and measure the new brace height.

To shorten the brace height, twist the string counter-clockwise.

Arrow weights

We recommend at least 8 -10 grains per pound for arrow we